Online Mobile Contacts Synchronization

Summary A mobile application that will sync all contacts with an online database so that we can access all our contacts even if we lose... Details

Database Migration from MySQL to MS SQL Server

Summary Database Migration is defined as the process of translating data from one format to another when the organization decides to use a new computing... Details

Survey Management System (Survey Tool)

Summary Survey Management System is an online survey management system or web based application which provide users to create their own surveys, customize it, distribute... Details

Bulletin System or Discussion Boards System

Summary Bulletin system project is a discussion forum or bulletin board system for websites which can be directly plugged into their systems. Description Bulletin system... Details

Methods for Loss Allocation in a Transmission System

Summary In a deregulated electricity market, there are separate generator companies and transmission company. The generator companies use the transmission system for wheeling power to... Details

Estimation of Power System Operating Frequency

Summary Due to disturbances, the operating frequency in a power system can deviate from the declared or nominal frequency. For the purpose of operation, control... Details

Distance Protection for Series-Compensated Transmission Line

Summary Distance protection is the most common type of protection in practical use for protecting power transmission lines. Description Distance protection is the most common... Details

Radio Controlled Car and/or Plane

Summary The idea of this project is to design a RC car or an airplane for hobby or task-based activities. Description The idea of this... Details

System design & development in calculation of response time for air brake system

Summary This project involves the study of the response time for air brake system. Description Air brakes are used in commercial vehicles, which require a... Details

Propeller based formula car

Summary This project is based on diesel engine propeller based formula car. Description A 2.5 CC or 3.2 CC diesel engine work on the mix... Details