Design of Ultra-Low-Energy Solar-Optimized House

Summary The project involves the design of an ultra-low-energy solar-optimized single family residence. The first two years of the project will involve the investigation and... Details

Video based facial recognition

Summary As opposed to still-image based paradigms, video-based face recognition involves identifying a person from a video input. Description In video-based approaches, face detection and... Details

LED Sensor Piano Keyboard

Summary The project utilizes an array of LEDs that work as light sensors to generate a musical tone, simulating a piano keyboard. Description The basic... Details

Handwriting Recognition System

Summary The aim is to design and implement a Handwriting Recognition System. Description This project is highly adaptive. With sophisticated algorithm, it should be able... Details

LASER Audio Transmitter

Summary This project is a proof-of-concept device that transmits an audio signal using a laser beam, while removing the need for the user to align... Details

Speech recognition security system

Summary The function of this speech recognition security system is to have a system that will only unlock upon recognizing a voice password spoken by... Details

Study of Wireless Sensor Network

Summary Wireless Sensor Network has become one of the hot topics nowadays. Indeed, it has been already applied in the use of many different areas.... Details

Planning for Metropolitan Rail-Rail Interchange

Summary This study is exploring the scope for using mobile phones as traffic probes to collect traffic data. Description This project aims to identify types... Details

Ethnography of the parking lot

Ethnography is the systematic study of people and cultures. Parking lot is a meaningful system in which the signs, symbols, and artifacts can be studied... Details