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Interview Questions/Answers

.NET Framework Q & A
Interview Q & A >> .NET Framework >>

Total .NET Framework questions: 35

Q 1) What is .NET Framework?
Q 2) What is CLR?
Q 3) What is CTS?
Q 4) What is CLS?
Q 5) Features of .NET Framework 1.1
Q 6) Difference between .NET Framework 1.0 and .NET Framework 1.1
Q 7) Features of .NET Framework 2.0
Q 8) Difference between .NET Framework 1.1 and .NET Framework 2.0
Q 9) Features of .NET Framework 3.0
Q 10) Features of .NET Framework 3.5
Q 11) What is MSIL?
Q 12) What is JIT?
Q 13) What is strong name?
Q 14) What is portable executable (PE)?
Q 15) What is Code Access Security (CAS)?
Q 16) What is Application Domain?
Q 17) What is Serialization in .NET?
Q 18) What is Exception Handling?
Q 19) What is an Assembly?
Q 20) What are Satellite Assemblies?
Q 21) What are Assembly Manifest?
Q 22) What is Global Assembly Cache (GAC)?
Q 23) What is Garbage Collection in .NET?
Q 24) What is Reflection in .NET?
Q 25) What is Managed code in .NET?
Q 26) What is Unmanaged code in .NET?
Q 27) What is new in .NET Framework 4?
Q 28) What's new in Visual Studio 2010?
Q 29) What is new in Visual Basic 2010?
Q 30) What is new in Visual C# 2010?
Q 31) What is new in Visual C++ 2010?
Q 32) What is new in Visual F# 2010?
Q 33) Features of .NET framework 4.0
Q 34) whats is the difference between the .net 3.5 and older version
Q 35) What is DLL hell Problem?

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