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Interview Questions/Answers

Interview Q & A >> HTML/XHTML >>

Total HTML/XHTML questions: 105

Q 1) What is XHTML?
Q 2) What does an XHTML document look like?
Q 3) What is the relation between XHTML and HTML?
Q 4) What is the relation between XHTML and XML?
Q 5) What is the relation between XHTML and the Web?
Q 6) What is the relation between XHTML and HTTP?
Q 7) What is the relation between XHTML and URL?
Q 8) What is URI?
Q 9) What is the relation between XHTML and SGML?
Q 10) What is the relation between XHTML and CSS?
Q 11) What is the relation between XHTML and DTD?
Q 12) Who developed XHTML?
Q 13) What is the latest XHTML specification?
Q 14) How many tags are Defined in XHTML 1.0?
Q 15) How to validate XHTML documents online?
Q 16) What tools to use to write XHTML documents?
Q 17) What tools to use to view XHTML documents?
Q 18) What is an XHTML element?
Q 19) How to enter comments into XHTML documents?
Q 20) How to write the opening tag of an XHTML element?
Q 21) How to close an XHTML element?
Q 22) How to enter element content?
Q 23) Is XHTML element name case sensitive?
Q 24) What is an XHTML element attribute?
Q 25) How to write element attributes properly?
Q 26) Is attribute name Case Sensitive?
Q 27) How to quote element attribute values properly?
Q 28) How to write ampersand sign in attribute values?
Q 29) What is a required attribute?
Q 30) What are predefined attribute values?
Q 31) What is HTML?
Q 32) What is a tag?
Q 33) What is the simplest HTML page?
Q 34) How do I create frames? What is a frameset?
Q 35) How can I include comments in HTML?
Q 36) What is a Hypertext link?
Q 37) What is a DOCTYPE? Which one do I use?
Q 38) Can I nest tables within tables?
Q 39) How do I align a table to the right (or left)?
Q 40) How can I use tables to structure forms?
Q 41) How do I center a table?
Q 42) How do I use forms?
Q 43) How can I check for errors?
Q 44) How do I make a form so it can be submitted by hitting ENTER?
Q 45) How do I set the focus to the first form field?
Q 46) How can I eliminate the extra space after a </form> tag?
Q 47) How can I use tables to structure forms?
Q 48) Can I have two or more actions in the same form?
Q 49) How can I use forms for pull-down navigation menus?
Q 50) How can I avoid using the whole URL?
Q 51) Can I use percentage values for <TD WIDTH=...>?
Q 52) Why doesn't <TABLE WIDTH="100%"> use the full browser width?
Q 53) Why is there extra space before or after my table?
Q 54) How do I create a link that sends me email?
Q 55) How can I have two sets of links with different colors?
Q 56) How do I get special characters in my HTML?
Q 57) Should I put quotes around attribute values?
Q 58) Posting Copy and Paste HTML
Q 59) HTML for Lists
Q 60) Are there any problems with using tables for layout?
Q 61) How do I eliminate the blue border around linked images?
Q 62) How do I eliminate the space around/between my images?
Q 63) How can I specify colors?
Q 64) How do I get form data emailed to me?
Q 65) Can I prevent a form from being submitted again?
Q 66) How can I allow file uploads to my web site?
Q 67) How do I change the title of a framed document?
Q 68) How do I link an image to something?
Q 69) Should I end my URLs with a slash?
Q 70) How do I specify a specific combination of frames instead of the default document?
Q 71) How do I link to a location in the middle of an HTML document?
Q 72) How do I create a link?
Q 73) How do I create a link that opens a new window?
Q 74) How do I let people download a file from my page?
Q 75) How do I create a button which acts like a link?
Q 76) How can I make a form with custom buttons?
Q 77) How do I specify page breaks in HTML?
Q 78) Is there a way to prevent getting framed?
Q 79) How do I remove the border around frames?
Q 80) Why aren't my frames the exact size I specified?
Q 81) How can I specify background images?
Q 82) How can I copy something from a webpage to my webpage?
Q 83) Is it possible to make the HTML source not viewable?
Q 84) Why doesn't my title show up when I click "check it out"?
Q 85) How do I make a thumbnail for my image(s)?
Q 86) What is the difference between the HTML form methods GET and POST?
Q 87) How do I put sounds for older versions of Internet Explorer?
Q 88) Can I use any HTML in the box?
Q 89) How to transferring user to new web page automatically?
Q 90) I'm trying to `include' a HTML document in another document...Is there a way to do this?
Q 91) How do I keep people from stealing my source code and/or images?
Q 92) How do you create tabs or indents in Web pages?
Q 93) My page looks good on one browser, but not on another.
Q 94) How do I make sure my framed documents are displayed inside their frameset?
Q 95) How do I update two frames at once?
Q 96) Can I have two or more Submit buttons in the same form?
Q 97) How do I make a link or form in one frame update another frame?
Q 98) When I try to upload my site, all my images are X's. How do I get them to load correctly?
Q 99) Why does the browser show my plain HTML source?
Q 100) How can I display an image on my page?
Q 101) Why do my links open new windows rather than update an existing frame?
Q 102) How do I get out of a frameset?
Q 103) How do I make a frame with a vertical scrollbar but without a horizontal scrollbar?
Q 104) Are there any problems with using frames?
Q 105) How do I open a link into a new window?

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