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Interview Questions/Answers

Testing Q & A

Total Testing questions: 27

Q 1) What automating testing tools are you familiar with?
Q 2) How did you use automating testing tools in your job?
Q 3) Describe some problem that you had with automating testing tool.
Q 4) How do you plan test automation?
Q 5) Can test automation improve test effectiveness?
Q 6) What is data - driven automation?
Q 7) What are the main attributes of test automation?
Q 8) Does automation replace manual testing?
Q 9) How will you choose a tool for test automation?
Q 10) How you will evaluate the tool for test automation?
Q 11) What are main benefits of test automation?
Q 12) What could go wrong with test automation?
Q 13) How you will describe testing activities?
Q 14) What testing activities you may want to automate?
Q 15) Describe common problems of test automation.
Q 16) What types of scripting techniques for test automation do you know?
Q 17) What are principles of good testing scripts for automation?
Q 18) What tools are available for support of testing during software development life cycle?
Q 19) Can the activities of test case design be automated?
Q 20) What are the limitations of automating software testing?
Q 21) What skills needed to be a good software test automator?
Q 22) How to find that tools work well with your existing system?
Q 23) Describe some problem that you had with automating testing tool.
Q 24) What testing activities you may want to automate in a project?
Q 25) what is UAT?

Q 26) what is issued in testcase?
Q 27) Hi Guys, Can any one share there experience in testing which talks about the scripting language priority when it comes to testing, What i meant is, What are the scripting languages a "Test QA" should aware of and why ? On what tool does each scripting language will be used upon ? Thanks & Regards, Tgk

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