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Interview Questions/Answers

Web Services Q & A
Interview Q & A >> Web Services >>

Total Web Services questions: 18

Q 1) What is a WebService and what is the underlying protocol used in it?
Q 2) Are Web Services a replacement for other distributed computing platforms?
Q 3) In a WebService, need to display 10 rows from a table. Which is the best choice DataReader or DataSet?
Q 4) How to generate WebService proxy?
Q 5) What is SOAP, WSDL, UDDI and the concept behind Web Services?
Q 6) What are various components of WSDL?
Q 7) What is the use of WSDL.exe utility?
Q 8) What are the events fired when web service is called?
Q 9) How you will protect / secure a Web Service?
Q 10) What is a DISCO file?
Q 11) What is the attribute for webservice method?
Q 12) What is the namespace for creating webservice?
Q 13) What is Remoting?
Q 14) Difference between Web Service and Remoting
Q 15) What is CAO and SAO?
Q 16) What is a singleton and singlecall?
Q 17) What is the use of trace utility?
Q 18) How can we Integrate Web Services WSDL into Spring Configaration file?

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